Fast Flash - Browser and Player App Reviews

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Icing on the cake!

Finally an App to play your videos, saved in different formats!


This is the most USELESS app you will ever see. They keep updating it so you cant see all the older horrible reviews. It does NOTHING. If you try to use their browser it is exactly the same as using safari, only worse! Customer support is NON EXISTENT. The company website is a BLANK Wordpress page. Click SUPPORT and see for yourself. This is a complete waste of money! They dont even pretend to care, or return emails. NOTHING. So the app does NOTHING, and the customer support doesnt exist. Take a dollar and set it on fire. At least you will get to watch the pretty colors as it burns. Dont waste your money on this USELESS scam!!! Richard Finkel

So far is good (only tried web browser)

Not Bad.


Works really well with all the videos Ive tried

Plays videos great. Finally!

Ive been trying to use flash videos forever on my stupid iPad. This works great!!

Plays Everything!!!!

I love this app. Its so nice having an app thats capable of playing FLV Flash video format! Love it, it plays all of my videos !!!!

Great app!

Love being able to play my flash videos! Finally! Love it! :) ❤

Great app

This is the greatest ever. Finally I can play all of my flash movies!

No audio

I purchased this app because there were some videos I could no longer play . When before I was able too. Now I can see the video but no audio. What is the point to see a video with out audio. Dont waist your money.


Plays videos GREAT! I would recommend this app to anyone who would love their videos to play wonderfully.


Waste my money, you cant download video anyway.,. Mad

Didnt do what it advertised

Tried viewing a seminar for online college courses that requires flash. Was unable to do that. Wasted my money be aware

Dont buy

I bought this for class project and took my money but then wouldnt work

Dont waste your money!

This app will NOT play flash videos!

Flash player

Did not work! Give me back my money.


Dont buy this App!!!

Does not support flash web content

Does not support flash web content. Misleading advertising.

Total crap doesnt work

Waste of money. Does NOT play flash


It doesnt work at alll!!! Tried several sites and doesnt work!

Bad app and advertising.

Wish I could give 0 stars. Does not work online. Waste of money.

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