Fast Flash - Browser and Player Recenzje App

I want my 2.99 back

Does not work with Apple Product!!

Nie działa

Nie działa.


Nie polecam jest dużo lepszych aplikacji


Nie podoba mi sie i nie chce mieć


Nice app

Doesn’t work

Looks like I lost $2.99... how do I get a refund?

the best

best application

Not worth the money

Doesn’t play the videos I need at all. Money back please.


Don’t waste your money

Didn’t work

Didn’t work and I need my money back


I am so proud to be a fast player! Gimme more, baby!


Works great love it

It may have worked.....A YEAR AGO!!!!,

This doesn’t even try to do flash and I have a dozen better players for video already on my drive, most of them FREE! Don’t waste you money at ANY price!

Could be an issue on my employer's end

Unfortunately this doesn't function when attempting to access content from an employer. Will be requesting a refund. Thank you.


Can't use for my schooling this not worth the money!!!!!

Horrible App!!!

Bought this in hopes of open video from the internet!!!. Useless!! Going to try and get my money back!!!


I tried a flash based website, and still does not work. NOT WORTH THE $$$

the best apps

and wish excellent apps


I downloaded this app to play Flash videos. The app is completely useless.

It work great

Working great highly recommend

Don't buy it

Bought it so I'd have a flash player and my phone still isn't supported by the app. Waste of $.

Wish I could get my money back

This app does not play media from the internet that requires flash. False advertising. Waste of money.

Hope it works good

I saw a few feedbacks and they were positive, so hope for that also

It's crap

Bought it so I could watch flash videos off the browser and it would not work.

Flash player

Did not work! Give me back my money.

Don't waste your money!

This app will NOT play flash videos!

Dont buy

I bought this for class project and took my money but then wouldnt work

Didn't do what it advertised

Tried viewing a seminar for online college courses that requires flash. Was unable to do that. Wasted my money be aware


Waste my money, you can't download video anyway.,. Mad


Plays videos GREAT! I would recommend this app to anyone who would love their videos to play wonderfully.👍

No audio

I purchased this app because there were some videos I could no longer play . When before I was able too. Now I can see the video but no audio. What is the point to see a video with out audio. Don't waist your money.

Great app

This is the greatest ever. Finally I can play all of my flash movies! 😍👏🏽👍🏼

Great app!

Love being able to play my flash videos! Finally! Love it! :) ❤😄💯

Plays Everything!!!!😄😄

I love this app. It's so nice having an app that's capable of playing FLV Flash video format! Love it, it plays all of my videos !!!!😄😄😃😃😃👍👍👍👍!!!!!!

Plays videos great. Finally!

I've been trying to use flash videos forever on my stupid iPad. This works great!! 💚

Perfect 🎯

Works really well with all the videos I've tried 👍

So far is good (only tried web browser)

Not Bad.


This is the most USELESS app you will ever see. They keep updating it so you can't see all the older horrible reviews. It does NOTHING. If you try to use their browser it is exactly the same as using safari, only worse! Customer support is NON EXISTENT. The company website is a BLANK Wordpress page. Click SUPPORT and see for yourself. This is a complete waste of money! They don't even pretend to care, or return emails. NOTHING. So the app does NOTHING, and the customer support doesn't exist. Take a dollar and set it on fire. At least you will get to watch the pretty colors as it burns. Don't waste your money on this USELESS scam!!! Richard Finkel

Icing on the cake!

Finally an App to play your videos, saved in different formats!🎂


Complete waste


جميل وسريع

Does not work on my iPad

I downloaded it for my iPad, does not work. I wish there was a trail bases instead of paying for something that does not work on my system!

Overall good!

Plays youtube, and some other flash sites! Speed is very impressive on the browsing. doesnt crash

Did not work

I tried several sites and it did not work!

Doesn't work for school

Do not get if you are trying to go on MHConnect!


Thieves stole $2.99 from me with false advertising. Does not play any videos my iPad couldn't already pay. DO NOT BUY!


I've used this several times, never an issue. Great app for iPhone 6

Don't waste your money

This app does nothing, it does not play videos off Internet. Do not buy! What a waste!


Worthless, useless, don't waste your time or $.

Video player

This app is awesome. Been looking for an app like this! Don't have to use QuickTime anymore!!!


This app is a waste of money and not helpful at all. I advise all to not even look at this app or these users. To me I feel it was a scam. It doesn't even open any documents that you download. So this is a big -0 if that was a number on the number line.

Don't waste your money.

I bought this app to watch the videos needed for online classes. Since Apple doesn't support Abode, I was looking for an alternative. Once it was installed, the "help" consisted of connect with your computer and down load files. NOT. If I had my computer, I wouldn't need the app. Not worth your money, even on sale.

Sanad alhilaly

برنامج ما فادني بأي شي بالعربي مقلب


This App. Is completely useless, a waste of my money, if I could be refunded, I would be Happy.

It's ok

I just downloaded it and it seems to work alright.

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